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Manitoba Bed and Breakfast Association is a cooperative that represents the Bed & Breakfast Industry in Manitoba. The Association was formed in 1991 to develop a high set of consistent standards that members agree to adhere to. This set of standards defines cleanliness, comfort, quality, safety and hospitality. All bed and breakfasts must meet a minimum standard of service to be approved for membership. A third party inspector visits each home to assure that the member meets all the Associations Customer Assurance Policy standards. Member B&B’s require a Food Safety Certificate be held by the host or their partner, Liability Insurance of at least 1 million dollars and registration with the Companies Office in Winnipeg. There is an annual membership fee due in October. New members are also required to pay a one time administration fee their first year.

Associate Membership

If you are currently not operating a bed and breakfast but are thinking or doing so but need more information or support you can join as an Associate member. For an annual fee you will be able to attend our meetings and conferences, held annually, to meet other members and learn more about operating a bed and breakfast. 

Information for Prospective Members

Bed and Breakfast is the provision of overnight accommodation with breakfast for visitors.

The following is the information that most prospective members request.

  • Contact your city, town, or municipality to learn of the specific restrictions that apply to your area
    which and range from few to many. Winnipeg has the most but please note that they seem to change often so be sure you are updated.
  • Contact B&B owners in the province to find out any tips they may pass on to you and to get others
    perspectives. If possible, visit as many as you can.
  • Check with your insurance agent for the cost of a liability clause for your proposed B&B. The
    Association has a group policy which is approximately $130.00 a year for $5,000,000.00 liability which is an option that about half our members choose. If you do not choose the group plan, you would be required to provide the association with proof of a liability plan with another agent. We have our plan through Co-operators Insurance.
  • If you have decided to open a B&B then you will want to consider registering your B&B name. The
    Companies Office is a government branch that does a search of business names ($45), once that is clear they register your B&B name ($60) for a period of 3 years. If someone else tries to use the same name they will be contacted and will have to change their name which can be costly. For more info please phone 204-945-2500.
  • The Manitoba Bed and Breakfast Association is the only one in the province and is a cooperative with elected board members. Our annual fee is $275.00 and includes many benefits as follows:
  • Our website is very well maintained and we also have our own Webmaster to help you. You can use
    as many pictures on your website page as you wish. Once we set your site up, you will be able to contact our webmaster and they will make any changes you require.
  • All new members will receive a complimentary visit by an existing member of the association for a
    pre-visit. The pre-visit is an opportunity for the new member to ask questions about the inspection,
    membership etc. The association wants to ensure you have all the help you need for passing the formal third-party inspection.
  • A third-party inspector inspects our new members facility in the first year of joining the Association.
    Existing members go through an inspection every 3 years. The inspectors use our checklist of standards as a guideline for inspections. We refer to this as our customer assurance policy which we utilize to guarantee each guest or client that uses the facilities of our members that they will be able to count on these standards.
  • Many of our members value the interaction of the members and participate in our Annual General
    Meeting which is held in the fall at a designated location. At this meeting we hold workshops and discuss pertinent information. When you attend the AGM, you receive a $50.00 credit towards your yearly
    membership fee.
  • We elect new board members during our AGM in the fall. You must have been a member for a
    minimum of 1 year prior to sitting on the board. During the year the board members have several
    meetings to deal with the incoming of new members, marketing, political action, education, website and other related issues.
  • We are a cooperative marketing association. We believe that we can accomplish more by pooling our resources together in order to advertise. The board makes all decisions on any group advertising that we are able to do and promotes the association when the opportunity arises.

Manitoba Bed and Breakfast’s Standards


  • Advertising will accurately represent the features of the Bed & Breakfast.
  • Promotions and specials will be honored.
  • The Quality Assurance Program standards will be available to guests.

Courtesy & Information

  • Hosts will be friendly and courteous.
  • Hosts will provide information regarding local services.


  • A First Aid Kit will be available
  • There will be visible and/or well-lit sign or address number.
  • There will be adequate outdoor lighting for safety.
  • There will be sufficient parking to accommodate all guests.
  • Buildings and grounds will be well maintained, in good repair and safe.
  • There will be handrails on stairways interior 2 and exterior 3 steps and ramps that rise more than
    400 mm. (MB Building Code of Canada)
  • All pools, ponds, hot tubs must adhere to municipal public safety rules and regulations.


  • Interiors will be clean, safe and in good repair.
  • Smoke alarms & Fire Extinguishers must be in working condition and installed on each floor.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors must be installed if required.
  • There will be adequate hot water for showers & baths.
  • Regular bathroom amenities will be supplied.
  • Reading lights, night lights, waste baskets and hangers (no cloth hangers) will be provided.
  • Guests will be informed of fire exits.
  • Linens/towels must be in good condition, and will be laundered for each new stay and for long stays.
  • Bathrooms will be kept clean and sanitized with a disinfectant product. No carpet in the bathroom
    that cannot be washed.
  • Guest rooms will have privacy locks and curtains.
  • Mattresses will be in good condition and have mattress covers and pillow covers

Kitchen and Food

  • A good quality breakfast will be offered in accordance with advertising.
  • All dining room and kitchen facilities will be clean and sanitized.
  • Host will complete the Provincial Food/Safety Handling course.
  • Drinking water must be potable.


  • Hosts agree to address all complaints and to comply with recommendations from the Board in a
    reasonable allotted time.
  • Hosts have a procedure to handle all inquiries within 24 hours.
  • A reasonable reservation and cancellation policy will be clearly stated.
  • Host agrees to third party inspections.
  • Hosts will be reasonably available and /or contactable by guests at all times. Emergency phone
    numbers will be posted.
  • All hosts will attempt to operate their facility in an environmentally-friendly manner, and they will
    encourage guests to practice conservation and good stewardship of resources.
  • Host will maintain a minimum of 1 M dollar liability insurance.
  • Hosts will register their business name with the Companies Office of Manitoba and keep it current
  • All Manitoba Bed and Breakfast Association Members are required to have the Manitoba Food
    Handler’s Certificate—this is available through your Regional Health Authority, MTEC, ACC or Red River Community College.
  • Hosts will have knowledge of what is happening in their area so that they can pass this information
    to their guests if requested.

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