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Why stay at a B&B?

Posted by admin on April 30, 2015

lrg-lastraw-image1213There are many super reasons to stay at a B&B as opposed to a hotel or motel!…

Staying  at a B&B is unexpected, unique, reasonable, charming and fun.
It is like being on a cruise, but you don’t need a passport, you don’t get sea sick and you won’t go broke.
We offer private accommodation, peace and quiet PLUS we can provide advice about local attractions, shopping, restaurants and history.
No two B&Bs are alike – some are on the lake, some are in historic homes, some are made of straw, some of logs and some of stone.
Some offer for scrapbooking, spa retreats, farm adventures and more.

Because…your home away from home is a home and we leave the lights on for you!

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