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Sherry Lynn
co owner and Events coordinator of Journey Home Artist Retreat.

Sherry has been trained in NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) and Reality Therapy/ Choice Theory, as well as being a Reiki practitioner, Therapeutic Touch practitioner and Access Consciousness Bars facilitator.
Sherry was also the director of a school age daycare centre and had a family daycare.
This experience has given Sherry extensive experience with planning and organizing events and taking care of all the little details that make things run smoothly.
As a business owner and care giver Sherry is able to provide a warm inviting atmosphere to her clients and guests. Come in and let Sherry create the package that is perfect for you, or your group.

Robert Christiani B.F.A., B.Ed.
Co owner, Visual artist, teacher and shamanic guide.

For more than 25 years Robert applied his formal education as a professional visual artist working in health care. As such, he guided patients in rediscovering their creative process an important element for balanced health and wellness. Today Robert’s private practice involves creativity and the wisdom teachings of the “Earth Keepers” from the Andes and the Amazon. Robert also enjoys drumming, sculpting, exploring nature and practicing Taoist Tai Chi

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Journey Home Artist Retreat:

$ 150 For up to two people
Journey Home is an Artist retreat/ bed and breakfast, where guests are housed in tradition [more]
Journey Home is an Artist retreat/ bed and breakfast, where guests are housed in traditional Mongolian yurts. These [more]

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