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Posted by admin on April 4, 2021


Bed & Breakfasts: great places to staycation! 2021 update

Ever wonder what it is like to vacation at a bed and breakfast? Manitoba bed & breakfast offer travellers and visitors unique experiences and accommodations that you can’t find in hotels or AirBnB’s. Independent bed & breakfast operators that are part of our cooperative are fully inspected by independent inspectors, have food safety certification and adhere to exemplary cleanliness standards. In addition to a safe, clean and comfortable place to stay you have the benefits or meeting the owner/operator who has a wealth of local knowledge to share with you, your partner and your family. Many of our members own historically interesting properties filled with artifacts and fine furnishings. Some offer hot tubs, pools or swimming on a beach plus other amenities. Of course a stay at a bed and breakfast isn’t complete without a great meal. Our members provide a breakfast with your stay and may offer other meals as well. Many are great cooks who strive to include locally grown or raised food products in their meals. Often right from their own garden, making it as fresh as can be.

Booking a stay at a real bed and breakfast is a easy as picking up your phone and dialing a number. The friendly voice at the other end will explain what they have available and how to arrange a booking. So for your next Manitoba Retreat be sure to call one of our members to be assured of the very best accommodation and meal service to be found anywhere.


The Bed and Breakfast Association of Manitoba invites everyone to discover the highly personalized, unique experiences that B&B’s have to offer. You’re likely to discover aspects of culture, history and Manitoba life that you’d never glimpse from a generic hotel room. Plus the added advantage of getting personalized service from the owner.

This spring why not try out one of our bed and breakfasts for a refreshing change of life and scenery.

Please see our list of members that are currently open on the home page.




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